PPC Cement Website

Web apps Oct 22, 2018

The official website for PPC designed and developed by Hellocomputer was another one of the early projects where we looked to ApostropheCMS as a viable content management system.

PPC did have some more advanced requirements over other websites (like Generation Life) where they needed to pull in a large set of external articles from as many as three separate sources into their system. It was also an opportunity to work with ApostropheCMS workflow locales which made managing multiple websites for the PPC platform very easy. PPC has a number of different country sites housed in the same platform, working with locales proved to make the management of this very easy.


  • Management of the development team
  • Technical direction

Nicholas Bester

I have 15 years of experience in design, development and implementation of digital marketing solutions ranging from virtual reality, 3D projection mapping, mobile apps and massive web platforms.