Oreo Wonder-Selfie

Nodejs Jun 22, 2016

The Wonder-Selfie Capsule is a selfie machine that allows customers to take, print and share their very own Oreo-Art-Selfie.

The Oreo Wonder-Selfie

How it works:
  1. Consumer takes selfie on the Wonder-Selfie touchscreen
  2. The Selfie triggers an animation that shows a Wonder-Selfie in the making
  3. On a second touchscreen the consumer finds their very own Oreo-Art-Selfie.
  4. Consumers are then presented with an option to print and share their Wonder-Selfie on social media.

This was my first real foray into NodeJS for consumer grade application development, the great thing about this project is it started showing a separation between requirements with communication occurring through services. I know that sounds like a crazy complicated pot of stew but it really isn't that difficult to grasp and I'll explain (briefly I might add).

I was able to focus on some very important specifics about this project that was made possible through NodeJS development. By establishing upfront that in order to communicate with my development, all the other developers would need to do was send an image and a message to a link. Not that difficult right!

The beauty of this is that they can continue development using whatever platform they like without it affecting the rest of the project and development time would increase because we can work unhindered by specifics related to other aspects of the project.

I'll probably look at ways to incorporate NodeJS services into my Arduino and VR projects going forward.

Nicholas Bester

I have 15 years of experience in design, development and implementation of digital marketing solutions ranging from virtual reality, 3D projection mapping, mobile apps and massive web platforms.