The KFC Popping Launchpad

Arduino Nov 09, 2015

The KFC Launchpad

Ogilvy came to Threefold to further develop a concept they were working on for a KFC event. We pushed the concept further to a consumer activated MIDI controller that allowed the consumer remix the track launched on the evening and send it to the consumer as a ringtone.

The soldering on this job was quite rushed but the connections all tested out fine. This image below is shot of all the wiring necessary to get the table operational. Looks a bit messy but it really gets the job done :)

The KFC Launchpads heart

The idea was to "Get Jozi Popping!" using DMX lighting on the rooftops of buildings in Johannesburg central. We moved the concept more towards lighting up the sides of buildings in Braamfontein, having the consumer launchpad positioned at the Neighbourgoods market venue.

The table works using conductive plates which run to a Arduino micro controller which send signals to Ableton and to the DMX lighting system.

It came out beautifully, it was great to get the chance to make something so unique for KFC.

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